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What Is An Inversion Table?

Inversion Table Reviews For Back PainAn Inversion Table is primarily used to ease the pain caused through a number of back ailments, including but not confined to herniated or degenerative discs. Using one means you hanging upside down for back pain relief on machines resembling what are best described as reverse gravity inversion tables.

You see, under normal circumstances gravity is constantly at work putting pressure on the nerve roots in your spine. This over time results in an increased probability of you suffering some discomfort not only in the lower back but also the legs, feet, neck and buttocks. The pain could range from a simple prolonged ache, through shooting pain in and around the effected area and on to crippling, debilitating pain that requires high dosages of prescribed pain killers to manage.

Inversion therapy has been found to benefit users with all levels of pain. Increasing the gap between discs in the spine works to relieve pressure put on the nerve roots and so reduce the pain sufferers experience in their back. Those singing the praises of this treatment point out that the relief even if only short-term is a more natural means of dealing with their back pain, being non invasive and without the use of drugs.



Benefits of an Inversion Table

Inversion_Table_BenefitsIn addition to those benefits mentioned above, non-invasive and drug free back pain relief, often achieved after many years of little or no progress using treatments regarded as being the normal way of controlling pain, hangups (as they are sometimes referred to as) are said to encourage a mental state and sence of calmness that is conducive to natural healing.

It is only right at this juncture to point out that everyone is different and results do vary between sufferers, but inversion therapy table success stories are extremely encouraging to the point where medical professionals are now seeing this method as a mainstream way to treat certain types of back pain.

What Makes The Best Inversion Table For Back Pain

There are plenty of top inversion tables on the market, all manufacturers have moved on from their first rudimental designs. As the market for inversion machines has increased so the main players; Teeter, Ironman, Life Gear Elite Fitness, Body Champ, Body Power and Fit Spine amongst others, have picked up their game, and increase in competition has also made them more friendly on the pocket.

They have always appealed because of their ease of use and the time needed to be spent on them in comparison to the fantastic results that are routinely achieved. Another point to look out for, one that the top rated inversion tables always offer, is the reputation the table has for safety.

inversion-table-reviews-back-painTop inversion tables are very popular because of the superb results, excellent performance, and good reputation for being safe to use. Take the time to look through as many inversion table reviews you feel you need to, this is not an impulse buy. The table inversion machine you decide on should answer all the questions you ask of it, comfort, safety, performance and affordability.

With such a massive assortment of inversion tables for sale, you may also want to throw into the equation the question “where is the best place to purchase from?”. During our research, we have come across two places where real users can help greatly in making the purchase decision that is right for you. One has what is probably the largest collection of (real) customer reviews to be found online and the second we think offers the best product information and invaluable back pain management tutorials. You will find links to both resources on this site.

How To Use An Inversion Table

To start with look to complete a 1-2 minuteĀ  session, only increase thatĀ  if you feel comfortable an within yourself to do so. It’s worth remembering that little and often (inverting on a regular basis) is more advantagous than length of session. It’s recommend that you routinely invert several times a day if possible. As you become more comfortable with the therapy gradually increase the duration to between 3-5 minutes. Doing so will allow your muscles to relax and release. Take note of what your body is telling you, don’t over-stretch. It’s always worth remembering, inversion table use should be fun, relaxing and enjoyable, but above all beneficial

Inversion Tables Do They Work?

Given the number of people worldwide who suffer from prolonged back, neck or sciatic pain, I would hazard a guess that “Do Inversion Tables Work” is the million dollar question on the lips of many.

Let’s start out by saying, the likelihood that inversion table therapy is going to cure your back pain is remote, but then again so is the possibility that pain killers will cure the problem, it does occur but it’s not what the hanging upside down machine is about.

Inversion back therapy is a way of managing the condition, the same way that tablets (chemicals) are. Past medical research has found that spinal traction, a method of stretching the spine, has measurable benefits in temporary relief of the pain associated with spinal disk compression.

But it is not 100% safe for everyone.

Are Inversion Tables Safe?

As a hang ups inversion table involves putting you in a head down position, this could have adverse affects on sufferers of heart disease, glaucoma or high blood pressure. This is due to the slowing of the heartbeat and an increase of blood pressure, a result of which is a dramatic increase of pressure in the eyeballs.
That said, the benefits of inversion table therapy should be talked over with a medical practitioner, they are better placed to conclude if using an inversion table for herniated disc pain is safe for you.